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Akon Agros and Spices - Business Perspectives
"We have tried to build our business on these feelings of caring that we see every day in our customers. We know that if you want to get people to cook you have to show them the value in it and we are pretty convinced the real value is in the lifetime of relationships it creates".

2001-2006: From Intermediate traders to own manufacturers
In 2001, Deen's family and their local partners together started a trading entity for agros and spices business in Chennai, India. Later, one of its director "Mr. Mohamed Rafiqudeen" who is well known in the industry as "Rafin" and his own brother "Mr. Mohamed Yousuf" joined the business in 2002, working for the agros and spices trading business. Later on, the Akon Agros and Spices has been initiated in 2004 and narrowed their business to focus solely on herbs and spices, calling it the Southern Spice House. While definitions vary, generally speaking, a spice is a root or seed, and an herb is a leaf.
In 2004, the younger Akon Agros and Spices spun off the export aspect of the company as Akon Exports and Imports. Akon Agros and Spices refused to take out a bank loan for widening their business networks around the world , and instead put all profits back into the business, surviving at first on a monthly budget of about $200,  equipped with an personal computer and an 16-square-foot office, the 24-year-old "Rafin" published his own catalogue. For the very first year, his brother and himself was the company's dedicated employees, living on about $5,000 per year. Mr. Rafin., also began travelling to such places as UAE, Qatar, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France and UK for six months of each year to establish contacts with new suppliers and to inspect the quality of spices coming in from existing suppliers. While overseas, he liked to photograph spices growing in the fields for use in the company's sales catalogue.
Fortunately for Akon Agros and Spices, the late 2oth century were a time when, inspired by travel, nostalgia, and an interest in culinary roots, Asians, Africans and Arabs were taking more of an interest in ethnic cooking and wanted to learn the recipes of their own heritage. "Our ancestors knew more about spices than our chefs,"


2007-2014: Steady Growth and the Debut of stores in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
In 2014, Akon Agros and Spices moved his business to an 30.57 Acres manufacturing facility in Tiruchuli, Tamilnadu, India. Throughout these years, the export business grew steadily, mostly by the professional way dealing with the suppliers and with the clients.
Today, Akon Agros and Spices is a leading processor of spices, seeds, and aromatic herbs. As a full service agros and spice company, we are dedicated to nurturing our relationships with a winning network of customers and suppliers. Akon Agros and Spices continues to expand in and concentrate its business activities to industrial users of spices. We offer a complete line of whole, re-cleaned, and ground spices, aromatic seeds, and herbs.
"We at Akon Agros and Spices understand the significance of the right quality of spices, seeds, and herbs. The choice of your spice and seasoning supplier has never been more important".
"We invite you to explore our company,  A supplier with the knowledge and integrity to be your partner in business".

Akon Agros and Spices - Safety and Quality Standards
Our robust food safety program allows us to achieve the highest rating in the quality audit. Quality audit certification assures customers (our partners) that we have achieved a high degree of proficiency in critical areas, and are continually monitoring and improving product quality and safety. Our specialized knowledge assists in the development of specifications that are broad enough to allow purchasing flexibility with regard to origins and price, yet precise, to maintain the integrity of the finished product.

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