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In these economic and competitive era, it is important for properties to remain competitive in the marketplace. Sales are often made or lost on the first impression projected from the lobbies and hallways – even before potential buyers see the apartment. This is why your building’s entry vestibule, lobby, hallways – even the building’s exterior façade – play an important role to prospective buyers, real estate agents and the ultimate marketability of your building. Perhaps even more important, these areas impact the quality of life for you and your fellow residents.


The cornerstone of the firm’s practice is providing flexibility in design approach. Celebrating the uniqueness of each project, Akon Facades and Interiors collaborates closely with the client to determine the best design for each space. No matter the style – from traditional to modern to transitional, our design team works to produce the best original design to optimize space, enhance functionality and beautify each interior. Careful planning provides timeless design which considers durability and maintenance, as well as public safety and accessibility.


Akon Facades and Interior’s design process begins with an in-depth study of each project’s budget, function and aesthetics.
We then build a rationale of ideas, a program of needs and goals, and a carefully constructed space plan and collage of materials that are appropriate and dynamic.


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