Building Design
The Akon Architects and Builders team, based in India, offers a unique and comprehensive range of services to help clients to create a home they can be proud of. We are passionate about design and relish the opportunity to translate the desires and ideas of individuals into exquisite home interiors.
Over the years we have created a variety of different interiors and are able to adapt our skills to every taste and trend. Whether a client is looking for an eclectic mix of old and new, country casual or Urban chic, vintage or traditional or radically contemporary, our team has the talent and knowledge to adapt and deliver. Above all else, we are flexible and can tailor how we work to suit our clients.

Full Design Services
For a lot of people, simply creating a beautiful building is not enough and the prospect of having to decorate and furnish their dream home can be daunting and time consuming. That’s where we come in. Our India-based interior design team will take full responsibility for designing, sourcing and installing every aspect of a home’s interiors. Our accurate 3D ‘walk-through’ service means that clients can see detailed visuals of how each room in the house would look when complete, helping them monitor their project closely without a huge time investment. We are meticulous about working to budget and through our ‘little black book’ of suppliers are able to source a vast range of fixtures, fittings and finishes at a fraction of the retail cost.

Consultative Design Services
Whilst we are passionate about design we are not arrogant, precious or pushy. Some of our clients are not short of ideas of how they would like their homes to look but need a little design direction and a helping hand. Our team will work consultatively to help articulate ideas into viable designs. We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside our clients, but we are not afraid to challenge or advise in order to create the most stunning home possible. And because we have a broad knowledge of the latest designs and materials as well as access to a vast range of suppliers, we are able to help our clients achieve beautiful results whilst saving them money in the process.

Design Coordination
Some people enjoy designing and sourcing their own home interiors but simply don’t have the time or desire to put everything in place. For these people we offer to oversee the purchase and fitting of their chosen interiors and co-ordinate timings with the main building works. From floor finishes, kitchens, bathrooms, built in furniture, ironmongery, audio visual systems, lighting design and fittings, wall finishes, to fireplaces, period features and window treatments - once you’ve chosen your interiors we can source them at the best possible prices and are there on site to make sure that they are properly installed. And although we won’t interfere, if you decide that you need a second opinion we are always on hand and happy to help!

Outline Services
Building a new home or enhancing an existing property can be an exciting yet daunting journey, whether you’re a serial renovator or taking the leap for the first time. The hardest step is often the first one as you ponder what will your ‘back of envelope’ design look like in reality, how much will it all cost, will it get planning permission. To alleviate some of those initial anxieties and help you to make an informed decision, our architectural feasibility study or 'Outline Service’ aims to determine whether the project is viable.
To start with, our team here in India will sketch out some initial design ideas and then tell you what’s involved to take it to the next stage. 

Experienced Design & Build Contractor Offers Custom Homes & Remodels
We understand that it is a big decision to build a custom home or undertake a home renovation. As a seasoned design & build contractor, we would like to take the pain out of this process and offer our services to you, starting with design.
We have an experienced and reliable team of designers and craftsmen to handle your new custom home design – then construction or renovation. Even if you don’t have a full concept of what you would like, we can help. Our designers are great at duplicating what you need and want – then translating it into a beautiful and functional design.
Once the designs have been completed we plan out the construction or remodel down to the last detail with you. No surprises here.

Design & Build: Custom Home Building and Renovation Services
Design – from your custom home ideas to a finish design. We also have two in-house specialties – gorgeous concrete counter tops and custom cabinetry.
Working drawings and project details down to the last light fixture – all so you know in advance what you will be getting when the project is finished and we hand you the keys.
Deployment of experienced and caring craftsmen to complete the work on time and within budget. They even clean up after themselves.
We keep you posted on our progress.
We complete the project on time and within budget.
We have the experience and expertise to provide you with a stress free design & build or remodelling experience.

We Also Share a Love for the Environment
We strive to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our design and building projects. We offer concrete tops as a superior medium for countertops, desks, stairs and fireplaces. Another specialty is the use of Venetian plaster – a wall and ceiling finishing technique that uses thin layers of plaster which are then burnish to create a smooth surface with an amazing texture.

Residential Building and Renovation Services
We believe that a person’s home is his or hers most prized possession. For that matter, we go above and beyond expectations when designing, building and renovating homes. Your custom home will be built by skilled craftsmen with great care and attention to detail.

Commercial Light Renovations
We know that your property is an investment and you want to keep in good condition or you need to get a remodel done for a new tenant. Our project managers will oversee everything on the project. You will be updated with all the pertinent information, to make sure that everything is completed according to your needs.
Everyone at Akon Architects and Builders is committed to deliver high quality and elegant craftsmanship each and every time.
Allow us to be of service to you.
Call today for a no obligation consultation.

Detailed Planning, Skilled Workmanship and Firm Quality Control Standards
Based on our long-standing experience and knowledge in the construction industry we know that the most important step is the pre-planning, including pre-construction services like architectural design, interior design, engineering, zoning and permits, choosing the fixtures, finishes, budgeting, etc.
At Akon Architects and Builders,  we think through all the little details and how things will function, like which way doors will swing on the cabinets or the fridge. Knowing all these design specifications before starting construction is the best way to help keep a job on time and on budget.

Unlike other companies, we also provide a project supervisor to oversee one project at a time from start to finish.

They are the first one on the job and the last one to leave at the end so they have continuity and familiarity with every detail. We do this extra service because it removes any miscommunication and speeds up the job.

It is important to have someone other than the person doing the work to check the final quality, which is why Akon Architects and Construction’s director of quality inspects EVERY job to ensure each project meets or exceeds the company’s high standards.
“Concrete may be the foundation of the home, but a proper design process
is the foundation for a smooth-running project.”

The Homeowner is Part of the Process and Always in Control
“Every time we deliver a new concept, or make a change to the drawings or specs,
we provide updated construction budgets so the projects stay on track.”
It can be difficult for a homeowner to get an idea of how much things will cost and to determine if they can afford to do everything they want to do with the quality they want. 
At Akon Architects and Constructions we know it is important to have a standard and effective way to find out what is really important to you as a homeowner. Throughout the designing, budgeting and building processes we always keep our clients informed as to what their project will cost.

This puts the homeowner in control and is the best way to make sure they are getting the most value out of their project.










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