About Us

Akon Exports and Imports will be a limited liability partnership registered in the state of Chennai, India for tax purposes. Its founder is Mr. AK Mohamed Rafiqudeen (Rafin), the chair person for Akon Group of Companies . Mr. Rafin has brought together a highly respected group of individuals who are well versed in foreign trade processes.
The company has a limited number of private investors and does not plan to go public. The company has its main offices in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. The facilities include conference rooms and office spaces.

The three year goals for Akon Exports and Imports are the following:
- Achieve break-even by year 2.
- Retain our long-term contracts with the international exports and imports clients around the world, through excellent customer service.
- Become the premier exporter of Asia Pacific, Middle East and European region through the specialty products around the globe, and become the prime exporter of agros and spices, cosmetics, oil and gas field components, garments and clothing accessories.

Our Mission
It is our long-term goal to become the preferred export and import company for the entire globe. Akon Exports and Imports has a combined 35 years of experience working in the export/import business. Our philosophy is in creating a long-term relationship with clients so that the delivery of their products becomes a seamless experience that promotes loyalty.

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Akon Group
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