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The Founder's Mission
It is my mission to ensure every customer receives the care and quality described in our company mission. You should know that is the first and most important goal to win one's good will.

I wrote the company's mission statement just as I am sharing my personal mission. As we fulfill the company mission, the success of Akon International  will help fulfill my secondary mission of serving others in need.

 My passion for others runs deep. I know how hard it is to stand up for what is right. Treating everyone with respect regardless of social image, income, or status is so important.

The relationships I’ve made and world experiences I’ve seen have strengthened my belief in serving others.

It is my mission to help provide people with an opportunity to succeed all around the world. I’ve learned that once a person knows that someone cares about them, the accomplishments are staggering and the smiles are contagious. We need to give people an opportunity to show the world what they can be.

My personal mission and the company mission of redefining natural beauty are very different, but in a way are closely linked together. Every purchase gets us closer to fulfilling our goals and being socially responsible.

"We work to develop and produce cosmetic products and to offer efficient and innovative solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs with respect to quality in the product and service. We allow our team to develop their professional and personal capabilities while seeking sustainable growth and profitability".

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