Chairman's Message

Welcome to Akon Group, a global group of companies serving and expertise in various businesses and energy services having its headquarters in India.

The Asian region is the home to the Akon Group, where we have grown exponentially over the past  two decades into one of the largest conglomerates.

Our faith in Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and its people have remained undiminished ever since, resulting in our increasing investments into several ventures. Our policies have always been oriented towards making lives of people better, resulting in Akon's much deserved status as a household name in the markets.

"Akon's success also is largely driven by its long lasting relationships worldwide with its principals, suppliers and partners, those we have carefully nurtured".

Akon is a proud of its human resources – the people who have demonstrated excellent dedication, skill and initiative to propel the group to higher achievements.

We have always aligned our policies with those of the local governments in supporting their initiatives on employment, development of indigenous expertise, local value addition and promotion of foreign investments.

Our focus is now heavily oriented towards building small and large-scale local industries in Asia and Asia Pacific regions, deploying most recent technologies and collaborating with the renowned international companies.

"Akon's aim is to make essential and exclusive products more affordable and available, using local and international resources".

Akon Group, we firmly believe Asia and Asia Pacific regions are the future and we are well positioned to be at the forefront, playing an active role in the region's growth.

We wish all our board members, local governments, financial institutions, principals, suppliers, technology partners and most importantly millions of our loyal customers, peace and prosperity in the years to come.

Akon Group has recently diversified and ventured into Real Estate, Facilities Management and as well with the international distributions in order to maintain its diversified opportunities and growth.

"Akon" brand has captured a substantial market in Fashions and Clothing Accessories, Cosmetics and also in Agros and Spices industry all around the world.
Akon Group is dedicated in exploring new horizons to find out ways to satisfy our customers in the best possible way leaving no room for complaints.


Best Wishes,
AKON Rafin
Chairman and Managing Director, Akon Group

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