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Welcome to Akon Group, a global group of companies serving and expertise in various businesses and energy services having its headquarters in India.

A family owned and managed business we have grown to become one of the Asia’s most successful businesses and thanks to all our board members, local governments, financial institutions, principals, suppliers, technology partners and most importantly millions of our loyal customers.

Akon Group was founded in 2002. We’re also one of the Asia’s top 500 companies and are ranked in the top 100 group of companies in the South of Asia. Akon group involved in onshore and offshore industry experience, spanning over 12 years.

The Akon Group has seven spectrum divisions namely,

Akon Agros and Spices
Akon Architects and Constructions
Akon Exports and Imports
Akon Facades and Interiors
Akon Fashions and Clothing Accessories
Akon International

  • Akon Oil field Supply and Services
  • Akon Cosmetics

Akon Media and advertisements

Akon Exports & Imports and Akon International supplies focused on delivering vital services and supplies to the various onshore / offshore oil and gas industry requirements. On the other hand, Akon Real Estate and Akon Architects and Constructions working together hand in hand on buying properties, mediating property transactions, developing the properties and also to maintain its facilities through a dedicated team of technical and non-technical personnel.

A 50 million investment in various ventures helping us to secure new businesses, attract the best supplies and skills, improve safety and reduce our impact on the environment. Further, the safety, service and quality are the cornerstones on which we built our business and sets us apart.

The people behind Akon Group have made it the success it is today and their hard work and dedication will continue to drive us forward. We continue to place great importance on our values of integrity, accountability, honesty and respect while focusing on making our workplace and our community more attractive, supportive and inclusive.
This website shows you the range of high quality services we offer to our customers around the world. If you would like any other information or wish to give us feedback please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Best Wishes,
K Mohamed Yousuf
Managing Director, Akon Group

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