Akon Oil field Supply and Services

Our Mission    
Our mission is to build strategic partnerships with our customers by providing value through exceptional service and product-based solutions. Also, our mission is to meet or exceed all legislative and regulatory requirements, establish a proactive safety environment and be respectively diligent when dealing with all issues regarding environmental health and safety.

Our mission will be achieved by:
- Developing and sustaining a safety program that meets or exceeds core requirements.
- Ensuring all managers, supervisors, employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors are aware and understand that all parties are responsible for safety.
- Addressing safety issues in a timely and effective manner.
- Fostering an environment that is respectful and free of harassment.
- Empowering all employees to be active participants.
- Developing, implementing and sustaining an effective communication plan.
- Proactively encouraging innovative ideas from all workers.
- Continually striving to recognize safe work procedures.
- Reviewing, updating and identifying all training needs and providing training within operational and fiscal  capacities while updating components of our safety program regularly.

By following these key components, we will provide a safe workplace, enhance sustainability and provide opportunities for all employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors to become part of our vision.

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